Friday, December 27, 2013


I hope all of your had a magical and blessed Christmas. Our day was wonderful, very special and peaceful as well. I am venturing off of the game plan a little bit, I had planned on showing you the rest of my December Daily pages today, but those will have to wait until next Friday since only about 1/2 are complete at this point. In the meantime, I am starting a new challenge today (well yesterday actually, last night to be more accurate.) I would love it if you would join me.

The Challenge: #40Bags40Days started by Becky Novacek on Instagram. It basically consists of purging and donating 40 bags/  boxes of items in an effort to simplify and organize in the process. I don't know about you, but starting a new year with some clean and freshly organized spaces is the best! I love organization, so this challenge was so up my alley, and since it was on my to do list for January anyways, I figure why not start a few days early.

I will be purging way more than the 40 bags, I am going to guess and say at least 60. I already have 4 bags/ boxes and have just started. I am donating about 95% of what I am purging, but I am selling a few scrappy items and a few larger items in the garage for extra cash for some home items we would like to purchase/ need for storage pieces. These include:
  • Dresser/ storage table for front entryway-this will be thrift all the way, some paint, new hardware, and some cool legs…I have a vision, but need the money and the right piece first.
  • Shelving for family room-Home Depot, Lowe's or Container store. Still deciQ\,M.//.,ding that.
  • Mirror for over fireplace mantle, or make something??? 
  • Other projects: To be decided later in January when we see how much we have made from the selling process and if we have any money left over. 
Here is the list of areas in my home I will be organizing and purging over the next 40 days
These are my first four boxes/ bags of items to donate
Thanks for stopping by today, I will be back next week with all kinds of scrappy and non-scrappy goodness to share. Here is the schedule...

Monday:       Layout share
Tuesday:       Project Life, looking back at 2013 and planning ahead for 2014
Wednesday:  New Years Resolution
Thursday:     40Days40Bags Update
Friday:          December Daily Part 10: The rest of the album

So who's joining Becky Novacek and I and purging some stuff? 40days40bags anyone? You can follow me on Instagram (link is on the right of blog.) I would love it if you would tag me and show me what you are getting rid of. Also before and after shots are the best. I will be sure to share a few of those for you next week, and there will be some on Instagram throughout the week as well.

Happy Organizing,




  1. What a great project and glad your Christmas was nice! 2 to 3 times a year I gather items for donation. Most recently, I sent a bag of books off to the local library and have a large scrap pile to do something with... :)