Sunday, December 16, 2012

This Past Week in List Format and an Ode to Ibuprofen

Last weekend my husband, 2 kids, and I moved almost the entire contents of one storage unit and a townhome to our new house. Such an exciting time for our family, but also a super exhausting week. I have compiled this list of sorts so that down the road we can laugh about all of the stuff we had to do this week (at least I hope we think this is funny down the road, right now we are just exhausted.)
  1. Load moving van twice with contents of townhome
  2. Unload one very large storage unit into moving van, frequent trips up and down stairs.
  3. Took ibuprofen
  4. A trip to townhome to pick up more things
  5. More ibuprofen
  6. Basketball practice
  7. Unpacking and cleaning new house
  8. Choir concert
  9. Another trip to townhome to pick up more things
  10. More ibuprofen
  11. Morning choir rehearsal
  12. Another townhome trip
  13. Ibuprofen
  14. Bought a Christmas tree
  15. Tried to put up lights, realized most are broken, now need to get more lights
  16. Realized dishwasher in new home is broken-seriously?
  17. More unpacking
  18. Started addressing holiday cards
  19. Still waiting on a few addresses and time to finish cards
  20. Called five stores to find more white twinkle lights (everyone is out.)
  21. Another trips to townhome
  22. More ibuprofen
  23. Called seven more stores (no white twinkle lights)
  24. Trip to Target to buy socks for kids-cannot locate any of their socks, way to many boxes still need to be unpacked
  25. Bought more Christmas presents
  26. Packed up Elliot for his trip to Washington State
  27. Unpacking new house
  28. More ibuprofen
  29. Hand washing all dishes, groan.
  30. Another trips to townhome
  31. Ibuprofen again
  32. Baked cookies
  33. Edited photos and had printed
  34. Worked on a scrapbook layout
  35. Edited photos of layout
  36. Spent way too long locating Christmas presents, finally gave up for the day.
  37. Wrapped Elliot's Christmas presents
  38. More hand washing of dishes
  39. Celebrated Christmas with Elliot
  40. Watched Dinosaurs with Ibuprofen chaser
  41. Took Elliot to airport
  42. Drove to the wrong store two times before I found the right store that had white twinkle lights (wasted three hours.)
  43. Brought twinkle lights home-still all not on tree
  44. Another trip to townhome
  45. More ibuprofen
  46. Spent all day yesterday, cleaning, packing up, prepping, and painting townhome
  47. Located rest of Christmas presents!
  48. Fell into bed and finally fell asleep
  49. Today's agenda-unload van from yesterday's trip, clean house and unpack some boxes in our bedrooms, pickup downstairs of house, dishes, finish getting last items from townhome and turn in keys-FINALLY!!! Basketball practice, decorate tree and house for Christmas, more cleaning
  50. Tomorrow-clean entire house, finish unpacking last of boxes in house or put in garage what do not need now, wash all bedding, and clothes, prep rooms for guests, decorating, Christmas cards, pickup family at airport at 8pm.  Good thing we wake up at 6am and the kids will be our of my hair tomorrow day. Think a jumbo sized cup of coffee is in order.
Almost to the home stretch, thank goodness, I can do this, almost there!

I will go back to posting on a regular basis (of the scrappy variety) once the holidays are over, but for now, I will be cleaning, or unpacking, visiting with family, baking, or something else of that nature.

Happy Sunday! Thanks for listening.



Sunday, December 9, 2012

December, currently.

Waking up at 2:30 am, full of excitement to move all of our furniture to our new home.
Wishing that I could fall back asleep.
Chuckling at the thought that my mom and I both cannot sleep when we are excited.
Dreaming of having all of the boxes unpacked and my kitchen organized.
Listening to Isabelle sleeping beside me.
Hearing the fan turn on, circulating heat throughout our townhome.
Avoiding running into boxes as I pad slowly across the carpet.
Seeing lots of items left to pack, but also super impressed with the progress we have made thus far.
Realizing that this will be my last night in this home.
Praying in thanks for this tremendous blessing.
Anticipating a very long day today.
Imagining my cup of coffee in the morning.
Smelling the beans, adding vanilla Coffeemate, and almost tasting that first delicious sip.
Exciting that my parents, nephew, and cousin will be here to spend the holidays with us.
Thinking that I wish I could pack more right now, but I don't want to wake anyone up.
Preparing myself for some disagreements between the kiddos tomorrow.
Hoping that they will get along better today than yesterday.
Contemplating what I want to unpack and organize each day in the upcoming week.
Wishing I had time to work on my December Daily album or any scrapbooking right now.
Going to find a way to carve in some time everyday next week to get my craft on.
Browsing Home Depot online to find a lightbulb changing pole extender thingy.
Discovering that it is called a "pole lightbulb extension kit."
Focusing on my breathing, taking long deep breaths.
Smoothing my duvet cover and blanket.
Adjusting my pillows and Sheldon, the pillow pet that Isabelle brought to bed with us tonight.
Trying to figure out what to do since I am wide awake.
Deciding on watching the new Vampire Diaries on Hulu Plus.
Finishing typing up this post.

So thankful, so very thankful to have a home again. I have missed our Washington house these past 18 months in our Raleigh townhome. So thankful to have great tenants taking care of our first house. So thankful to be moving to our second house and that I adore it more than our first. So thankful for great mortgage rates and VA loans. So thankful to have a garage again and all of our extra items out of our storage unit.

So very, very thankful. So thankful for this leap of faith, and job opportunity for my husband in another state. So thankful that the Lord continues to provide for our little family. So thankful that we can do all of this with me staying home with the kids.

Washington house 2003-2011 (photo taken 10 / 08.) Currently a rental property

 Townhome rental, Raleigh, NC June 16, 2011-December 9, 2012. (Photo taken 11/ 12)

Rolesville, NC, new house. Present day. (Photo taken 11/ 12.) 

Thank you reader for taking the time to stop by my blog, I appreciate you!

Happy Sunday!



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little Moments (like this one) are Magic

As a parent, time just seems to fly by. Everyday faster and faster. Somedays it seems like those special moments just went by way too fast, but other times you see a moment and are able to fully capture it. That is always so exciting. I have come to discover that taking pictures of older children as they sleep is so magical. I was able to capture this picture of my two littles, along with our two furry family members last week and I just stood there and watched them for awhile and then I realized I had better hurry up, quit gawking, and get a picture before everyone woke up! Luckily, My trusty I-phone was nearby and the dogs opened their eyes but did not wake up the kids (thank you Daisy and Elizabeth.)

(A little backstory) lately, my two (ages 12 and 9) have been having a very hard time getting along, but this weekend they were the best of buddies and slept with the dogs together all weekend long. They are so innocent about this, but I know soon the time will come when they will not be able to do this anymore, but until then I will just capture those photos.

Without further ado, here it is:

A close up of the photo and tons of papers and embellishments

And a close up of the upper left corner embellishment cluster and title work

Supplies Used

  • This layout was created using the Studio Calico monthly kit-Sock Hop as well as the two add-on kits for November (Penny Loafers and Bobby Socks.)
  • Studio Calico Mister Huey in Warm Calico.
  • American Crafts precision pen .03 point in black ink.
  • Prima Chalk Fluid Edger in Old Road (for stamped sentiment "Hello, Friend."
  • Studio Calico Oh Snap stamp set (includes "Hello, Friend" and many other cute expressions and tons of arrows.
  • American Crafts this to that permanent adhesive
  • American Crafts this to that foam dots (round)
  • Scrapbook Adhesive 3D Foam Squares

  • Oh how I just love those two, I am so blessed with two great kids, they are such sweethearts. So now for some questions for you reader, have you been able to document any super special moments? You know, those moments that pull at your heart strings, moments you know you will want to remember forever? I would love to hear about your special moments, or send me a link and I will see how you documented it.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today, I appreciate you being here. :-)

    Happy Thursday!



    Wordless(ish) Wednesday

    I think someone was a little cold Monday morning waiting for the bus

    Happy Wednesday!



    Monday, November 26, 2012

    Autumn is in the Air

    My family and I had such a glorious Thanksgiving Day weekend. My husband had four days off in a row, he has not had that much time off since Spring of 2011, so I was so thankful that he received that much needed down time. Thursday, we had our traditional turkey dinner, with just our little family of four, but we had a great time nonetheless. Friday, we packed (we are moving early next month.) Saturday, the kids and I went to see The Guardians movie, pretty cute. I also spent the morning watching them jump in leaves, they were so adorable and just had so much joy doing something so simple. Sunday, I went to Archiver's for a few hours, did some browsing, and completed most of the scrapbook layout that I am sharing today. One of the coolest things that happened this weekend, however was, that my husband gave me my Christmas present early:  A new camera. Gone are the days of my using only my I-Phone 4s for photographs, I now have a Canon Rebel and I adore it. I have only played with it a couple of hours, but have already got some good shots of closeups, inside happenings, as well as some great Autumn shots. My husband is the greatest-that is all I'm sayin'.

    Without further ado:

    And a close up of some of my embellishing:

    Supplies Used:
    • Studio Calico November Kit-Sock Hop (main kit,) 
    • Silhouette Cameo cuts "A Favorite Photo" and Leaves, sorry I don't have the exact names for you, someone gave them to me.
    • October Afternoon Midway Carousel (side B)
    • Crate Paper Acorn Avenue 6 x 6 Paper Pad
    • Crate Paper Acorn Avenue wood veneer shapes
    • Crate Paper Acorn Avenue cardstock sticker phrases
    • Crate Paper Acorn Avenue tape stickers 
    • Orange Camera paperclip (received from a friend)
    • Studio Calico Classic Calico v. 3 die cut frames
    What about you? Have you been creating anything lately? What are you doing to celebrate fall? Is there anything more reminiscent of childhood and autumn than jumping in leaves? How was your weekend? Any crazy Black Friday Deals? Let's Dish.

    Thank you so much for stopping by today, 

    Happy Monday!


    Wednesday, November 21, 2012

    Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

    We have so many great pictures from our camping trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. I decided to make a layout of just scenery, it also seemed like a great excuse to use all of my awesome Studio Calico feather veneers...they kind of remind me of leaves (sorta, LOL.)

    Without further ado, here are the photos.

    I loved the feather veneer in this kit and knew that I could embellish them in any way I chose. I love to play around with embellishments and make them coordinate. It's a problem that started with matching my socks to my shirt everyday through college-yup....I love to match, LOL. Since I did not have my embossing powder on me at the time, I just used some stamping markers to color them in and it worked brilliantly. I also was really excited that I came up with a way to incorporate the "Do What You Love" stamp above (and part of) the title.

    This layout was made using Studio Calico's November Kit "Sock Hop" as well as Add-On #2 "Penny Loafers, and Add-On #3 "Poodle Skirt."

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog, especially during this super busy holiday time of year. I appreciate your support and kind words.

    Happy Sunday!


    Thursday, November 15, 2012

    Hipsters and Homework for you 2

    Halloween 2012: North Carolina Style. For Halloween this year, we used things we already had around the house for costumes. I considered it a personal challenge to try to come up with creative and fun costumes without spending any money. So what did we come up with? Well, since my daughter is obsessed with neon and has TONS of neon clothes, we decided an 80's girl was the way to go for her. And yes, I still have my crimper from 1990 and it still works, LOL. My son (age 12, ) is kind of out of the costume phase, so he just needed something that would allow him to participate. In seventh grade this year he has a lot of homework in his honors classes so we made him a "homework explosion." Very simple to recreate, just pin homework to your child and you are done. I should note that we received a lot of mad props for both of their costumes, the adults especially got a chuckle out of the homework explosion one. Also, mad props to the checking account:  0 dollars spent!!!

    I scrapbooked their Halloween pictures using pastel papers and accessories. I am not a huge themey person really, but I find that kind of funny actually. I just loved how the new Dear Lizzy collection worked with all of the pictures I took. I used the Studio Calico November main kit from Sock Hop as well as add-on kit #2 Penny Loafers, and add-on kit #3 Poodle Skirt.

    Journaling says, "True story. Very simple Halloween costumes this year. Crimped hair and neon for the 80's girl and pinned on homework for a 'homework explosion,' simple and fun. Created October 31, 2012."

    So now that I have shared some Halloween layouts with all of you, what did you do for Halloween? Have you documented it yet? What about using non-traditional items for holiday photos? Is that something you usually do? I would love to hear from you.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I really appreciate you stopping by.

    Happy Thursday!


    Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    Layout Share: "But Mom I'm Doing my Homework"

    Love this photo and story. Oh that boy, just love him to pieces.

    And a close up of the journaling, I always include this, otherwise it is just pictures, and someday I figure I won't remember the story.

    This Layout was made using Studio Calico's November Kit "Sock Hop" as well as Add-On #2 "Penny Loafers, and Add-On #3 "Poodle Skirt."

    What are your thoughts on journaling? Are you noticing (like me) that many, many layouts are completed nowadays without journaling? What are your thoughts on the subject? Is it scrapbooking without the journaling, or is is just picture taking embellished with products? Always a good discussion, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter. I should note here that I think that scrapbooking and memory keeping should be done in a way that is authentic to you, I am just a huge fan of the written or typed (or camouflaged) word. I just thought this might make a good discussion for a Wednesday.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and as always,

    Happy Wednesday!


    Tuesday, November 13, 2012

    Layout Share: "Doggy Chillaxin"

    It has been so long since I have shared a traditional scrapbook layout with you. Why, you might ask? I have been super busy packing up our townhome to move to our new house. We are under contract to close on the house by December 7th, but we are trying to close much earlier (November 30th.) Nothing like eating Thanksgiving off paper plates, and moving during the holidays. Not really complaining, this is a tremendous blessing to my family, but things are a little hectic.

    I took Sunday off this past weekend and then it-kind-of-rolled into Monday, LOL. I was successful in getting some house cleaning done and lots of laundry (seriously do not ask me about it, so embarassing,)  but not much packing. I just needed some creative "me" time. Anyways, I have four layouts to share this week and without further ado, here it is:

       And a close up for you:

    I should give you some back story on this photo. This is our pekingese Elizabeth, a dog, that has a  lot of personality, and is constantly cracking us up, and  yes she does sleep, relax, and walk around the house, half of the time with her tongue out of her mouth. On this particular day I was watching the news on the couch and she fell asleep next to me, just like this. She doesn't usually sleep on her back, but this pose just cracked me up and I had to scrapbook it. The life of a dog? Rough isn't it.

    This layout (along with the rest I am sharing this week) was created using the November Studio Calico Scrapbook Kit entitled Sock Hop. Studio Calico is a great kit club if you are looking for some scrapbook inspiration or a great online community of some seriously awesome and talented scrapbooking pals.

    Thank you for coming to my blog today. I will have more layouts to share the rest of this week as well, so I would love to see you again.

    Happy Tuesday!


    Wednesday, November 7, 2012

    Wordless(ish) Wednesdays

    An 80's girl and a homework explosion.

    I hope y'all had a safe and fun Halloween!

    Happy Wednesday!


    Thursday, October 25, 2012

    Summer Mini Book-Part 2

    When we last left off, I shared Part 1 of my summer mini, so without further ado, I present part 2:

    Another Hambly transparency

    Outside Fun: Durant Nature Park, around the townhouse, seeing tobacco fields.

    Bike Riding at Spring Forest Park-Check, and no hands= Bonus Points.

    Other Fun Things-H20= Isabelle's rest time new vice, going to see Madagascar 3 with the kids, walking a baby doll around the mall with a stroller and homemade baby sling= blanket and hair tie.

    More loves-Heroes, going to Red Robin and Adventure Landing.

    Lots of fun doggy time with Elizabeth, Daisy, and Dutch.

    Mom and Kodi man coming to visit=CKC Charlotte, i-pad love from the grandkids (LOL,) and sweet secret banana messages (PSSssstttt love you too mom.)

    Arriving back in Raleigh, just in time to tear a ligament in his ankle, a few weeks later he was back to his old self, after a week of crutches and taking it easy.

    Unfortunately painting and decorating the outside of the album did not happen today as planned.  For now, it is in an Aqua Snap album...a 3-ring album with an aqua side where the binding is.  I am doing some major purging and organizing right now, so it might stay this way for awhile. I kind of like it plain, but am also open to the possibility of jazzing it up down the line.

    Supplies Used for Parts 1 and 2 of 2012 Summer Mini:
    • Studio Calico Heyday paper 
    • Studio Calico Mister Huey in Taxi, Mint Julep, Pretty Pink, Shine, and Dark Calico
    • Studio Calico Mistable Buterflies
    • Studio Calcio Heyday ephemera
    • Letter stickers:  (Studio Calico Heyday Pink letter Thickers in bliss font, Studio Calico Heyday Aqua Thickers in Ali, Studio Calico Mistable Heyday Thickers in Bree font, October Afternoon Mini Market Stickers)
    • Studio Calico Wood Veneer-Stars, Transportation, Butterflies, Cameras, Heyday Typewriters
    • Studio Calico Masks: bubbles, circle graph, zigzag, heyday mask.
    • Stamps:  Studio Calico Summer Stamp School, Heyday Thoughts, 
    • Washi:  Freckled Fawn and My Minds Eye.
    • Doilies:  Paper doilies from Michaels, Martha Stewart, and Studio Calico
    • Stickers:  October Afternoon Woodland Park
    • Journaling cards:  Snap.
    • Album:  Snap album in Aqua.
    • Punches:  Martha Stewart Butterfly
    • Vellum bags and coin collector bags:  Studio Calico
    • Twine:  My Mind's Eye, The Twinery, and Doodlebug
    • Dog paperclip:   Office Supply Store
    • Flair buttons:  Finding Nana, CKC Convention badge.
    • Ink: Versamark, Versafine in Onyx Black, and Hero Arts.
    • Embossing Powder-Zing (pink glitter, aqua, and yellow)
    • Hambly Transparency
    • Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher
    • Ali Edwards Digital Brushes
    Happy Friday!


    Wednesday, October 24, 2012

    Summer 2012 MIni Book-Part 1

    This mini began with Ali Edwards, as many great and creative things do. I just adore her, she is so awesome, and I even had the very fortunate experience to meet her at a Creating Keepsakes Convention years ago in Portland, Oregon. She is such a sweetheart and someone I greatly admire.
    This summer, Ali Edwards had an idea to make a Summer Manifesto, which for her, consisted of a list of thirteen intentions of possible shared experiences, or things her family of three wanted to do or create this past summer. Ali listed a variety of things they wanted to do or accomplish, or experiences they wanted to share together, and documented it along the way. Her finished product turned out amazingly wonderful (not that I am at all surprised.) I am including a link for those that want to be inspired by this, I highly recommend you take a look when you have the chance.

    I also felt, very much like Ali, that I wanted to be especially present this summer. I felt an innate longing to really hold onto to those two months, and an enormous sense of just how quickly my children are growing up.

    My family and I started a list of things we wanted to do, see, or experiences we wanted to share together. We ended up with a list of twenty things, and we accomplished eighteen of them, and I documented all of it. Literally. All. Of. It. I really loved this project, every aspect of it.  I spent time really reflecting on where I wanted this project to go, we had numerous conversations with our children about what we wanted to accomplish/ experience, and then I was just present with a ready camera.

    After Labor Day weekend, I began really organizing the photos with the stories, and put all of my supplies together, and I began developing pictures using my trusty Epson XP-400 home printer. I then began putting it all together, I should warn you that I took a lot of photos of the finished project-which is why I am dividing this up into two posts, I will share part 2 tomorrow as well as a list of supplies used.

    Without further ado: The First Half

    Lightning bugs were the highlight of the summer for Isabelle. She is quite the expert little catcher.

    Relaxation at home, out of the sticky heat, love the one of the two cuddling.

    Lots of fun Hambly transparencies thrown in there for layering fun.

    Meeting Nicole Harper (check, and yes she is uber amazing,) Cutting 18 inches off my hair and donating to Locks of Love, Orthodontist appointment for both kids-beginning braces in Spring for Elliot and a Retainer/ Expander combination for Isabelle= Good times.

    Elliot hamming it up-being a human hamster, rock climbing, and dressing as Abe Lincoln, because, well he is a "Really Cool Dude."

    Fun things: Prison Break (serious heartthrob alert,) Getting pedicures, and learning to slingshot water balloons (yes, Isabelle is now quite the expert:  I can testify.)

    Good eats: Lots of cooling summer foods around here-watermelon and ice cream goodness.

    Miss Isabelle has become quite the Daddy's girl this year. So sweet.

    Beautiful flower and butterflies everywhere we looked all summer long.

    Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope to see you tomorrow for part 2. I will reveal the rest of the album tomorrow, including the cover, as well as a detailed list of all products used.

    Happy Thursday!


    Online Challenge Win #1 "Hello Third Grade"

    Super excited today to share this great news. I won my first online challenge through I had no idea that I had won until I received an e-mail today from the lovely Sherrie. Thanks again for choosing me to be your winner!

    Hello Third Grade

    Happy Wednesday!


    *43 for Jonathan challenge for October-currently at 19 miles

    Sunday, October 21, 2012

    October, currently.

    Driving on Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway.
    Listening to the crunch of leaves...shuffle, shuffle, stomp
    Unpacking our van at dusk.
    Watching Eric building a fire.
    Sorting through our cooler and organizing supplies for a barbecue.
    Smelling charcoal grilled burgers.
    Hearing my children ask each other very enthusiastically, "Do you see how big the fire is?"
    Playing UNO way too many times.
    Sleeping in a mummy sleeping bag very cozily.
    Shivering in the early morning crispness in the air.
    Noticing my breathe leave my body in little puffs of smoke.
    Realizing my husband is a genius for purchasing our little propane heater, years ago.
    Watching a plethora of oak leaves blowing around our campsite in the early morning hours before settling in for a long rest on our tent; in one word: Magic.
    Braiding long pigtails every morning.
    Eating hot oatmeal for breakfast.
    Drinking hot chocolate.
    Witnessing the children interacting with nature, trying to sing back to the birds.
    Relaxing and listening and seeing and doing.
    Hiking on two different trails and feeling free.
    Seeing Stone Mountain for the first time.
    Believing that anything is possible when you look at scenery this beautiful.
    Wishing I could share this firsthand with everyone.
    Reflecting on crossing an item off my bucket list: Camping in Blue Ridge Mountains.
    Contemplating another camping trip next spring.
    Taking the last photographs of our weekend trip.
    Smiling and laughing and feeling so eternally grateful for such a blessed weekend with my little family.

    My kiddos: Isabelle (9) and Elliot (12,) taken on 10-20-12

    I highly recommend visiting North Carolina in the fall, it is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

    Happy Monday!


    *43 for Jonathan challenge for October-currently at 13 miles

    Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    Wordless (ish) Wednesday

    A short re-enactment of Saturday afternoon for you guys:

    Me: "Elliot, (age 12) are you doing your homework?
    Elliot: "Yes, mom, I am working on it."
    * Five minutes pass or so and the kitchen is too quiet, I walk around the corner and this is what I see.

    I was very proud of myself for not laughing, I just got down on the ground and took this photo. Elliot sort of smiled and kept on laying there. I then went upstairs and showed my hubby this photo and we cracked up, do and say the darndest things, especially twelve-year old boys named Elliot.

    I hope this made you smile, and as always,

    Happy Wednesday!

    Monday, October 15, 2012

    Project Life Tuesday

    Today I have a Project Life week to share, and I still LOVE this project. I have been Project Life-ing (yup it is a word) all year, and I fall in love with it more and more each week. For 2012, I have been fairly organized and have done a great job for of keeping all of my supplies together and somewhat organized. Every week I print photos (mostly from home) and complete the two-page spread for the previous week. That being said, I got a little behind for the month of September, but should have all of that month caught up by the end of the week, here's hoping anyways. I think the important thing with this project, or any large project, is not to stress if you get behind, but make an action plan to break it down into little steps to help you get caught up. I spent last week catching up on two of the weeks that I missed in September and this week I will catch up on the other three.

    Week 40: October 1-7, 2012

    Left Side

    Right Side
    And some more photos

    Title card-I used the Summer of 69 Digital Printable from Studio Calico, a date stamp, and and Elle's Studio Tag, and my trusty tiny attacher.
    A close-up of some of our Titanic memorabilia and a different angle of all of the photos on the left page.

    Backwards day at Isabelle's school, she even styled her hair backwards-HA! I couldn't help but laugh (super silently) when she came downstairs to show me her hair creation. Also a photo of the beautiful park by our home that I love to walk around, it has a great walking path, and oh so many gorgeous oak trees. Just love it oh so much!

    Journaling cards, some stamping, and a photo of the package I mailed with over 20 stamps on it, a new record, (addresses are washed out for privacy.)

     More photos, having a popcycle after running 25 laps for the school fundraiser, and our Titanic tickets.

    My weekly checklist of random happenings, some stamping on that card, more journaling (house numbers washed out for privacy,) and a close up of the house we are interested in purchasing, as well as some fun Asian measuring tape washi that I received from a super cool swap friend I met through the Studio Calico message boards. Thanks again Kim.
    For this week I used the Summer of 69 Printable Digital Downloads from Studio Calico throughout the entire spread. This download included journaling cards, some tags, and arrows as well. I also incorporated a 2012 October banner from Elle's studio, October Afternoon mini market letter stickers, American Craft Aqua Thickers, a large pink shipping tag, some ribbon, a little memorabilia, and of course lots of fun stamps and ink. Additionally, I used quite a few digital brushes by Ali Edwards; 

    Are you working with Project Life at your house or doing something similar?  How is it going? Have you been keeping up all year. How many years have you been doing Project Life? If not Project Life, what kind of scrapping or crafting are you involved in? What about moving right before the holidays-any pointers for crazy people like us? Let's chat.

    Happy Tuesday!