Sunday, October 21, 2012

October, currently.

Driving on Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway.
Listening to the crunch of leaves...shuffle, shuffle, stomp
Unpacking our van at dusk.
Watching Eric building a fire.
Sorting through our cooler and organizing supplies for a barbecue.
Smelling charcoal grilled burgers.
Hearing my children ask each other very enthusiastically, "Do you see how big the fire is?"
Playing UNO way too many times.
Sleeping in a mummy sleeping bag very cozily.
Shivering in the early morning crispness in the air.
Noticing my breathe leave my body in little puffs of smoke.
Realizing my husband is a genius for purchasing our little propane heater, years ago.
Watching a plethora of oak leaves blowing around our campsite in the early morning hours before settling in for a long rest on our tent; in one word: Magic.
Braiding long pigtails every morning.
Eating hot oatmeal for breakfast.
Drinking hot chocolate.
Witnessing the children interacting with nature, trying to sing back to the birds.
Relaxing and listening and seeing and doing.
Hiking on two different trails and feeling free.
Seeing Stone Mountain for the first time.
Believing that anything is possible when you look at scenery this beautiful.
Wishing I could share this firsthand with everyone.
Reflecting on crossing an item off my bucket list: Camping in Blue Ridge Mountains.
Contemplating another camping trip next spring.
Taking the last photographs of our weekend trip.
Smiling and laughing and feeling so eternally grateful for such a blessed weekend with my little family.

My kiddos: Isabelle (9) and Elliot (12,) taken on 10-20-12

I highly recommend visiting North Carolina in the fall, it is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Happy Monday!


*43 for Jonathan challenge for October-currently at 13 miles


  1. Sounds like you're in a beautiful place right now :)

    1. it was truly majestic, must do it again next fall!

  2. I am so jealous! I haven't been there in the fall since 1992. Every other time has been in the summer. I would love to see it again. I could spend weeks on the Blue Ridge Parkway. You took some gorgeous photos!

    That alpha you asked about is from the ready set go collection. It's called mediterranean everyday thickers.

  3. great photos! i used to go to nc every october for work but haven't been in years. it is really lovely in the fall!

  4. love seeing your fall photos. Looks beautiful.

  5. Beautiful pictures Toni! You have way more nerve then I do - I would so not be camping this time of year!

    1. it's not that cold, a little in the morning, but if you have really warm sleeping bags and a heater, the scenery alone makes it well worth the cold mornings. I consider myself very fortunate because my hubby is a regular G.I. Joe-he has the fire going before I get up (he is well trained, LOL.)

    2. and thank you for the photo compliment.