Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Summer 2012 MIni Book-Part 1

This mini began with Ali Edwards, as many great and creative things do. I just adore her, she is so awesome, and I even had the very fortunate experience to meet her at a Creating Keepsakes Convention years ago in Portland, Oregon. She is such a sweetheart and someone I greatly admire.
This summer, Ali Edwards had an idea to make a Summer Manifesto, which for her, consisted of a list of thirteen intentions of possible shared experiences, or things her family of three wanted to do or create this past summer. Ali listed a variety of things they wanted to do or accomplish, or experiences they wanted to share together, and documented it along the way. Her finished product turned out amazingly wonderful (not that I am at all surprised.) I am including a link for those that want to be inspired by this, I highly recommend you take a look when you have the chance.

I also felt, very much like Ali, that I wanted to be especially present this summer. I felt an innate longing to really hold onto to those two months, and an enormous sense of just how quickly my children are growing up.

My family and I started a list of things we wanted to do, see, or experiences we wanted to share together. We ended up with a list of twenty things, and we accomplished eighteen of them, and I documented all of it. Literally. All. Of. It. I really loved this project, every aspect of it.  I spent time really reflecting on where I wanted this project to go, we had numerous conversations with our children about what we wanted to accomplish/ experience, and then I was just present with a ready camera.

After Labor Day weekend, I began really organizing the photos with the stories, and put all of my supplies together, and I began developing pictures using my trusty Epson XP-400 home printer. I then began putting it all together, I should warn you that I took a lot of photos of the finished project-which is why I am dividing this up into two posts, I will share part 2 tomorrow as well as a list of supplies used.

Without further ado: The First Half

Lightning bugs were the highlight of the summer for Isabelle. She is quite the expert little catcher.

Relaxation at home, out of the sticky heat, love the one of the two cuddling.

Lots of fun Hambly transparencies thrown in there for layering fun.

Meeting Nicole Harper (check, and yes she is uber amazing,) Cutting 18 inches off my hair and donating to Locks of Love, Orthodontist appointment for both kids-beginning braces in Spring for Elliot and a Retainer/ Expander combination for Isabelle= Good times.

Elliot hamming it up-being a human hamster, rock climbing, and dressing as Abe Lincoln, because, well he is a "Really Cool Dude."

Fun things: Prison Break (serious heartthrob alert,) Getting pedicures, and learning to slingshot water balloons (yes, Isabelle is now quite the expert:  I can testify.)

Good eats: Lots of cooling summer foods around here-watermelon and ice cream goodness.

Miss Isabelle has become quite the Daddy's girl this year. So sweet.

Beautiful flower and butterflies everywhere we looked all summer long.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope to see you tomorrow for part 2. I will reveal the rest of the album tomorrow, including the cover, as well as a detailed list of all products used.

Happy Thursday!



  1. This is just fabulous!! I need to make one of these!

  2. Oh wow that is so cool, great design!!

  3. I just love this! Summer is about to begin here so now I'm thinking I might need to do one too.

    1. You must do it, it really added to my summer enjoyment.

  4. Toni, this is wonderful. What a perfect record of a summer together! I have bookmarked this for inspriration next summer.