Sunday, December 9, 2012

December, currently.

Waking up at 2:30 am, full of excitement to move all of our furniture to our new home.
Wishing that I could fall back asleep.
Chuckling at the thought that my mom and I both cannot sleep when we are excited.
Dreaming of having all of the boxes unpacked and my kitchen organized.
Listening to Isabelle sleeping beside me.
Hearing the fan turn on, circulating heat throughout our townhome.
Avoiding running into boxes as I pad slowly across the carpet.
Seeing lots of items left to pack, but also super impressed with the progress we have made thus far.
Realizing that this will be my last night in this home.
Praying in thanks for this tremendous blessing.
Anticipating a very long day today.
Imagining my cup of coffee in the morning.
Smelling the beans, adding vanilla Coffeemate, and almost tasting that first delicious sip.
Exciting that my parents, nephew, and cousin will be here to spend the holidays with us.
Thinking that I wish I could pack more right now, but I don't want to wake anyone up.
Preparing myself for some disagreements between the kiddos tomorrow.
Hoping that they will get along better today than yesterday.
Contemplating what I want to unpack and organize each day in the upcoming week.
Wishing I had time to work on my December Daily album or any scrapbooking right now.
Going to find a way to carve in some time everyday next week to get my craft on.
Browsing Home Depot online to find a lightbulb changing pole extender thingy.
Discovering that it is called a "pole lightbulb extension kit."
Focusing on my breathing, taking long deep breaths.
Smoothing my duvet cover and blanket.
Adjusting my pillows and Sheldon, the pillow pet that Isabelle brought to bed with us tonight.
Trying to figure out what to do since I am wide awake.
Deciding on watching the new Vampire Diaries on Hulu Plus.
Finishing typing up this post.

So thankful, so very thankful to have a home again. I have missed our Washington house these past 18 months in our Raleigh townhome. So thankful to have great tenants taking care of our first house. So thankful to be moving to our second house and that I adore it more than our first. So thankful for great mortgage rates and VA loans. So thankful to have a garage again and all of our extra items out of our storage unit.

So very, very thankful. So thankful for this leap of faith, and job opportunity for my husband in another state. So thankful that the Lord continues to provide for our little family. So thankful that we can do all of this with me staying home with the kids.

Washington house 2003-2011 (photo taken 10 / 08.) Currently a rental property

 Townhome rental, Raleigh, NC June 16, 2011-December 9, 2012. (Photo taken 11/ 12)

Rolesville, NC, new house. Present day. (Photo taken 11/ 12.) 

Thank you reader for taking the time to stop by my blog, I appreciate you!

Happy Sunday!




  1. Sounds like an exciting and busy December! Your new home is so beautiful!