Sunday, December 16, 2012

This Past Week in List Format and an Ode to Ibuprofen

Last weekend my husband, 2 kids, and I moved almost the entire contents of one storage unit and a townhome to our new house. Such an exciting time for our family, but also a super exhausting week. I have compiled this list of sorts so that down the road we can laugh about all of the stuff we had to do this week (at least I hope we think this is funny down the road, right now we are just exhausted.)
  1. Load moving van twice with contents of townhome
  2. Unload one very large storage unit into moving van, frequent trips up and down stairs.
  3. Took ibuprofen
  4. A trip to townhome to pick up more things
  5. More ibuprofen
  6. Basketball practice
  7. Unpacking and cleaning new house
  8. Choir concert
  9. Another trip to townhome to pick up more things
  10. More ibuprofen
  11. Morning choir rehearsal
  12. Another townhome trip
  13. Ibuprofen
  14. Bought a Christmas tree
  15. Tried to put up lights, realized most are broken, now need to get more lights
  16. Realized dishwasher in new home is broken-seriously?
  17. More unpacking
  18. Started addressing holiday cards
  19. Still waiting on a few addresses and time to finish cards
  20. Called five stores to find more white twinkle lights (everyone is out.)
  21. Another trips to townhome
  22. More ibuprofen
  23. Called seven more stores (no white twinkle lights)
  24. Trip to Target to buy socks for kids-cannot locate any of their socks, way to many boxes still need to be unpacked
  25. Bought more Christmas presents
  26. Packed up Elliot for his trip to Washington State
  27. Unpacking new house
  28. More ibuprofen
  29. Hand washing all dishes, groan.
  30. Another trips to townhome
  31. Ibuprofen again
  32. Baked cookies
  33. Edited photos and had printed
  34. Worked on a scrapbook layout
  35. Edited photos of layout
  36. Spent way too long locating Christmas presents, finally gave up for the day.
  37. Wrapped Elliot's Christmas presents
  38. More hand washing of dishes
  39. Celebrated Christmas with Elliot
  40. Watched Dinosaurs with Ibuprofen chaser
  41. Took Elliot to airport
  42. Drove to the wrong store two times before I found the right store that had white twinkle lights (wasted three hours.)
  43. Brought twinkle lights home-still all not on tree
  44. Another trip to townhome
  45. More ibuprofen
  46. Spent all day yesterday, cleaning, packing up, prepping, and painting townhome
  47. Located rest of Christmas presents!
  48. Fell into bed and finally fell asleep
  49. Today's agenda-unload van from yesterday's trip, clean house and unpack some boxes in our bedrooms, pickup downstairs of house, dishes, finish getting last items from townhome and turn in keys-FINALLY!!! Basketball practice, decorate tree and house for Christmas, more cleaning
  50. Tomorrow-clean entire house, finish unpacking last of boxes in house or put in garage what do not need now, wash all bedding, and clothes, prep rooms for guests, decorating, Christmas cards, pickup family at airport at 8pm.  Good thing we wake up at 6am and the kids will be our of my hair tomorrow day. Think a jumbo sized cup of coffee is in order.
Almost to the home stretch, thank goodness, I can do this, almost there!

I will go back to posting on a regular basis (of the scrappy variety) once the holidays are over, but for now, I will be cleaning, or unpacking, visiting with family, baking, or something else of that nature.

Happy Sunday! Thanks for listening.



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