Thursday, April 10, 2014

Scrapbooking Spaces: Edition #1

Today is the first time I am writing this column for the blog. I envision this being a place to showcase scrapbook spaces in which inspirational women create. The first space I have to share with you is my good friend Danielle Higginbottom-Brown's awesome scrapbook room. She is on the Design Team at Paper Bakery with me and also writes a great blog called Piperloo. You can check out her blog HERE for more awesome and crafty eye candy.

I think what I love most about her space is that it is truly her and is full of her favorite things. I love it when you see someone's craft space online and you just get a feel for them, if you know what I mean? Danielle's space is just that; vintage, fun, colorful, and with sentimental moments.

These next three layouts will really give you an idea of the different mediums Danielle uses to create. They also reflect her scrapbook room and design style.

Here is Danielle's amazing and inspirational Scrapbook Space:

 This is Danielle's main desk where she creates her masterpieces.
 I love that her Silhouette, most used tools, computer, craft mat, 
and mixed media staples are all close at hand.

Cute buttons are also stored on her desk. She adores the new 
buttons by Studio Calico that have a vintage flair.

Danielle stores most of her Mixed Media goodness in a suitcase 
she used as a little girl, seriously how cute is that? She is 
really great about using these goodies on her pages 
and experimenting with new techniques.

This desk is to the right of her computer desk, and butted up to 
her other desk in an L-shape. Danielle uses this desk to put 
together her Project Life pages and also for sewing.

Isn't this color grouped shelf just amazing? It makes me smile 
every single time I look at it.

If we continue around the room towards the right (or in a 
clockwise fashion) you will find her album storage, white 
shelves which house Paper Bakery Design Team Kits, 
and patterned paper. She's uses a vintage wood box 
to store extra embellishments and an adorable 
vintage Coca Cola sign is propped up behind 
for decoration. She has another shelf for 
mists, a wicker basket for storing supplies 
that her two boys can use. The boat 
bookshelf was made by her father many year's 
ago and houses more mixed media goodness and other fun.

To the right of her boat shelf you will find a built-in cabinet. She 
uses these drawers to store extra scrapbooking supplies, 
adhesive, and one drawer just for ink. How cool is that?

 Danielle stores her collection kits in a vintage locket basket. 
She is a huge fan of October Afternoon and you will find 
lots of their goodies in this area.

I don't know about you, but after looking at all of those pictures I sure feel like creating something and breaking out some fun embellishments. I also really want to go antiquing and find some cute vintage finds for storage. What did you like most about this space? Is there anything that you were surprised to see. Being a sentimental girl, I love that she incorporated her childhood suitcase in her storage. I love that she uses many eclectic storage pieces and she has a great eye for finding them. Thank you Danielle for letting me feature you today at life, scrapbook, repeat, I appreciate you sharing your gorgeous layouts and space with us today. Please feel free to leave Danielle some love here and tell her how great her amazing space is.

If you would like to be featured on a future issue of Scrapbooking Spaces, please send me an e-mail to lifescrapbookrepeat (dot) blogspot (dot) com with 6-10 images of your space and a paragraph describing your style, some of the pieces in your space, and what you like to create. I would like 3 images of scrapbook pages, cards, or other paper craft items that you think reflect your style. Please make sure the images are of good quality and with decent lighting. I can't wait to see some more amazing spaces! I will be featuring two spaces a month on the blog (alternating with Crafty Organization Thursdays.) I need a new space for two weeks from today, so please send in your pictures.

Thank you for being here today. I will be back next week with more crafty goodness to share. If you don't already follow my blog, please do so, I am posting every Monday-Thursday by 8am EST with new crafty content and my schedule is as follows:

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Have a great rest of the week and weekend and until next time,

Happy Scrappin'




  1. Thank you so much T-Dog for featuring my scraproom and my layouts!!!! muah! xoxo

  2. Love these! The deer layout is my fave:)

  3. lovely scrap room Danielle!!

  4. Oh my goodness, such an awesome space.
    I too love that here storage is from her youth.
    I also love her embellishment centre being set up by colour :)

  5. Yes this room is so Danielle! Love it!!