Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April, currently

Listening to the birds singing outside.
Watching my daughter play softball
Loving on this amazing man.
Talking with teachers at Elliot's school for next year: High School, yikes.
Preparing mentally for having a boy in football.
Planning future business endeavors
Thinking of ideas and filling notebooks with plans
Scrapbooking simply and loving it.
Tinkering around with more digital elements.
Going on a class field trip and just loving helping out.
Brainstorming what to include in a class auction basket.
Smelling spring, fresh cut grass, and barbecues.
Sneezing and feeling quite stuffy.
Rubbing my eyes and trying really hard not too.
Enjoying the warmer weather and longer days.
Jump roping with the kids in the afternoon and laughing and laughing.
Eating salad like it's going out of style.
Running around to softball games, practices, and what not.
Walking with the dogs and listening to the birds.
Enjoying writing blog posts.
Driving to way too many appointments lately.
Dreaming of traveling back to our home state this summer.
Working on many home projects with Eric and loving it.

I will be back later today with my March Recapitulations post. Until then,

Happy Scrappin'



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