Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Project Life 2014: Starting my Fall Handbook

It's time for another Project Life Tuesday and I have a fun couple of layouts to share with you today.

You might recall that a few weeks ago,  I discussed different strategies for getting caught up in Project Life. I hope you found that blog post useful. If you happened to miss it, you can read all about that HERE.

I showed you my checklist of missing weeks and yup, you guessed it, my beloved checklist is back again today (because I just know you guys are dying to see it.)
Weeks to Catch Up On for Project Life
(items crossed off and highlighted were completed this past month.)
  • Week 28, July 7-13
  • Week 29/ 30, July 14-17
  • Week 31, July 28-August 3
  • Week 32, August 4-10  
  • Week 33, August 11-17 ? R.I. P Robin Williams
  • Week 34, August 18-24
  • Week 35, August 25-31
  • Week 36, September 1-7
  • Week 37, September 8-14
  • Week 38, September 15-21  (finished, will share next week)
  • Week 39 September 22-28:  Switching up to Handbook Size next month starting with this week       (the first day of fall)
So yeah I still have five weeks to catch up on in Project Life. I am thankful that I am still staying current and not adding anymore weeks to catch up on. I think it is going to take me a little longer to get caught up than I originally thought, but that's okay, I am still plugging ahead and am determined to get caught up.

I have the first couple pages of my fall handbook to share with y'all today. I switched up sizes and am going to use a Handbook for September 22-November 27th (the first day of fall through Thanksgiving, unless I decide to add more photos through the end of the year.) Then I will be switching to a December Daily.

I decided to switch sizes because this is my fourth year of Project Life, I was growing tired of the larger format and wanted something different to document fall. I loved worked with the Handbook last Christmas, so it was a natural fit.

I used Elle's Studio Sycamore Lane and Lawn Fawn Sweater Weather 
for the embellishing on my first pages. I will have more to 
share with you next week.

Have any of you switched up your Project Life sizes midway through the year? I thought I would be weirded out by my albums being different sizes this year, but I am loving it. It's freeing to just think I want to switch things up and then just doing it, ya know? 

Until next time...

Happy Scrappin'




  1. very nice pages, I love the large one with your sweet girl holding the leaf. can not wait to see it in handbook size. i think if I did PL again it would be in this format.