Sunday, June 29, 2014

June, currently

Listening to my Pandora Aerosmith station like it is going out of style.
Cleaning the house room by room.
Drinking Diet Coke way too much.
Organizing my studio and donating items.
Clearing out my daughter's room.
Sighing at what I found inside.
Looking at the birds outside, seeing new varieties daily.
Laughing at my dog's crazy antics.
Enjoying time playing in my studio being creative.
Skyping with Danielle and laughing loudly.
Making lists of things to do before vacation time.
Packing suitcases like it's my job, (which it kind of is.)  :-)
Washing and folding a never ending laundry pile.
Planning things for the upcoming month.
Organizing my planner and having a blast.
Smiling at my husband and just loving that man.
Hugging my girl extra tightly and so thankful to have her home.
Talking to the boy and excited to see him soon.
Eating Firebomb Posicles and reminiscing about childhood.
Watching Season 4 of Prison Break and loving it.
Feeling so excited about going to visit family and friends soon.
Loving the slowness of summer, despite lots to do.
Believing that summer really is a magical time for of possibilities.
Anticipating the moment I hug my parents at the airport for the first time.
Tearing up at the thought.
Thankful, so thankful, so very thankful.



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  1. Such a fun list! I've been contemplating cleaning one room at a time but haven't taken action.