Friday, February 28, 2014

February Recapitulation

It has been a busy month over here at life, scrapbook, repeat. I have shared 18 posts this month, including; scrapbook layouts, cards, Project Life, organization posts, family, some personal posts, and even a giveaway! I love writing and I appreciate you being here and sharing all of this with me.

Those of you that have read this blog post more than once know how much I love a bullet point list, and so of course I created one hi-lighting key topics for February. If you missed any of these posts, I have linked you directly to them below. I love the idea of keeping a tally of sorts in one blog post, so there is a very good chance you will see this making an appearance in the future.  :-)

  • February started with sharing a layout using Paper Bakery products and an older picture of my daughter and I. 
  • Then I finally got around to posting my final December Daily pages from 2013 on the web and let me tell you, that was a fun one to cross off of the ol' to do list. 
  • Next, I started sharing my 2014 Project Life album, showing you the intro pages and week 1
  • Pinkfresh Studio made an appearance and even offered up a discount code to my readers. I had fun making a layout and 2 cards using their amazing products.
  • Crafty Organization Thursdays made two appearances this month. First, I went over some ways to store mists and then later in the month, card organization. These have been highly trafficked posts and I have already started next month's topics. 
  • I wrote a personal blog post about Flourishing and Keeping it Real in 2014 and was incredibly touched by your sweet and encouraging comments.
  • Project Life, sharing three weeks of pages, weeks 2, 3, and 4.
  • Snowmageddon pictures.
  • A Farewell to Archiver's post.
  • Project Life week 5 and a tutorial on how to make a photo collage in Photoshop Elements. I incorporated Google Images and digital brushes on this particular collage.
  • A layout about Flourishing in 2014.
  • Some more Paper Bakery goodness, this time in the form of two cards.
  • A February currently post.
  • Project Life, weeks 6 and 7.
  • A #90DayChallengeUodate.
  • Thickers Giveaway *You still have a chance to enter this giveaway, I am picking the winner on Sunday night March 2nd.

Some other Hi-lights this month that I want to mention

  • On February 2nd the Seattle Seahawks won the Superbowl and I turned 36 years old. The groundhog unfortunately did not celebrate these victories with us, but instead saw his shadow, and I am told won't be re-emerging anytime soon. Boo.
  • The Big Bang Theory surprised and amazed us when Sheldon Cooper kissed Amy Farrah Fowler kiss for the first time. Proving that yes, he is not a robot.
  • Sochi Winter Olympics, oh how I miss you already.
  • Downton Abbey ends it's fourth season, making many of us wonder what we will do for the next 10 months on Sunday night.
  • I started sewing over 40 yards of fabric to make curtains for my house, you will see some of that next month on the blog. Spoiler Alert: (So far) I have lived to tell the tale.
  • Eric and I took a closer look at the high school Elliot will go to next year. I took a lot of deep breaths, and am awaiting his class selection process next month. Sigh
  • We installed new wood blinds in the downstairs, and the ones for our bedroom are still awaiting installation. Love you babe!
  • Isabelle picked her song selection for the upcoming talent show on March 27th. I won't spoil the surprise and mention it here, but I can tell you it is a good one.
  • Daisy (our Labrador rescue, ) had some testing done to check for bone cancer and by the grace of God, she does not have this. She is getting older (10 1/2) and has some Arthritis and is moving slower, but otherwise in good health. She is now on Arthritis medicine and a joint supplement. 
  • Elizabeth (our Pekingese, ) is still as silly as ever, and unfortunately has decided that she needs to rip the leash out of my hands to chase cars driving down the street. She is lovable, but not the brightest pet. Here's hoping that we don't end up with a dog pancake in the future.
  • Tia (our turtle, ) is still thriving in her aquatic tank and is just adorable.
  • Chubs (our robo dwarf hamster, ) is thriving as well, and has finally decided to use the wheel in his cage on a regular basis. We might have to change his name in the future.
  • The birds and the squirrels. I have spotted three new bird species at the bird feeder outside my studio this month, one is a Northern Mockingbird, and the other two I still have not placed, but I am working on it. The four squirrels meanwhile are driving me crazy, luckily they only seem to come to the feeder once a day now, but have developed a mob mentality and love to stand guard for one another. I am enjoying coming up with new ways to scare them off, and I am ashamed to admit that I have thought of purchasing a rubber band gun more than once. Does anyone remember those from their youth?
  • Life continues to be good here in Rolesville, North Carolina. It is starting to feel like spring around here and we love that the days are getting longer. We count our blessings each and everyday and miss our family and friends back in Washington State.
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  1. Love your recap, sounds like a fun month :)

  2. what a great idea to share a recap! yours was so fun to read!

  3. Nice recap. xa