Monday, February 24, 2014

February, currently.

Seeing the rain hitting the windows outside.
Feeling the warmth of my grandparent's wool blanket on my skin.
Listening to the slow rolls of thunder outside.
Smelling the rain and hopefully a start of spring.
Petting both of the dogs repeatedly today.
Gazing at our new ceiling fan in the family room. 
Planning out a new entertainment center.
Sketching out a furniture plan onto sketch paper.
Writing, and writing, and writing, lists and doodles and ideas.
Being inspired by so many things lately.
Reading blogs and books and magazines and everything I can.
Contemplating a new hair color and style.
Devouring maple nut ice cream earlier this week.
Laying down and resting when my body needs it.
Sleeping well and waking much earlier.
Developing a really great work week routine.
Breathing in and out and in again.
Devoting myself each and everyday to my family.
Reminding myself to take deep breathes when the kids argue.
Hugging my husband more and for longer periods.
Rubbing sore muscles from sewing projects.
Working on algebra with my daughter.
Cutting out letters for her science report.
Beaming at the boy's class work.
Thanking God for this beautiful life, family, and good fortune.
Giving myself over to new changes and new ideas.
Believing that anything is possible.
Smiling and laughing and rejoicing.
Knowing that right now, this is where I am suppose to be.



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  1. Love this post! I've been trying out a monthly feature called "around here". I think it will be cool to read these posts later!