Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Eric From: Turtle Rescuer

So I am back today with another blog post. This one, however, is not scrapbook-related, at least not yet. Yesterday, our children celebrated their last day of school (7th grade for Elliot and 3rd grade for Isabelle.) Around the time the kids were celebrating in their classrooms, my husband stumbled upon something quite interesting. He was driving on a highway and almost ran over a small turtle. He quickly turned to avoid hitting said turtle, and then walked back on foot to retrieve the little amphibian before she became road kill. He brought her home and held her out to me, saying, "I have a surprise for you." I asked, "Did you find a lizard?" We have found a few in our neighborhood and I really like them. He said, "No, but kind of similar and bigger." I immediately said, "Please tell me that isn't a snake behind your back?" In North Carolina, there are many poisonous snakes so I was slightly freaked out. He then pulled his hand out from behind his back and showed me this little cutie.

Once I got done screaming, I mean, I thought it was a snake after all, I smiled and thought she was the cutest thing ever. We debated what to do with her. Should we return her to the wild knowing that this area is known for turtles getting killed on the highway? Should we bring her to another habitat and pray that she does well there? Or should we keep her and take really good care of her. . . needless to say....we now have a pet turtle named Tia Tuck Turtle. My husband, kids, and I are smitten and the dogs love watching her in her turtle tank. After some research, I have found out that she is a Eastern Painted Turtle and is about 80-90% full grown. These kinds of turtles spend most of their time swimming in water, but come to shore to bask in the sunlight throughout the day. She is now happily ensconced in a large turtle tank full of water and a floating dock for her to sunbathe on with lots of awesome light.

Eric From: Turtle Rescuer indeed. Hard to say no to man that rescues turtles in his spare time. Love you babe. You are such a sweetie, but no I leave turtle tank cleaning to you as promised.

See y'all tomorrow and Happy Scrappin'