Thursday, October 24, 2013

October, currently.

Listening to my dog breathing deeply under my feet.
Breathing in and out, in and out.
Smelling eggs from breakfast.
Resting after a long wall this morning.
Reading blogs and e-mails.
Shivering a little at the drop in temperature.
Using blankets, warm socks, and sweaters.
Drinking pumpkin spice coffee.
Savoring the exquisite taste.
Thinking of projects to do.
Cooking and meal planning more.
Holding Eric's hand in the evenings.
Enjoying our children's personalities and quirks.
Dreaming of Christmas and crafting.
Organizing all of my Christmas scrapbook goodies.
Pinning way too much to my December Daily board.
Hearing the bluebirds and finches chirping outside.
Watching the birds eating at my bird feeder.
Cleaning the bathrooms.
Clearing away clutter.
Making lots of donation piles everywhere.
Feeling like I need to have less stuff in general.
Sorting scrapbook layouts into various albums.
Rearranging them into color-order.
Smiling at them all lined up on my shelves.
Laughing out loud at the Christmas tree already fully decorated at our mall.
Realizing that it might be a little too early for that.
Painting a few picture frames.
Putting together a fall wreath.
Packing up the last of the fall decor we won't use this year.
Dreaming of the holidays, family, warmth, comfort, and the miracle of Christ.
Humming Christmas songs everyday.
Being present and keeping myself accountable for my goals.
Using my Arc planner like it's going out of style.
Writing lists in multiple colors and fonts and smiling.
Feeling productive, content, and so alive.

Wishing you all a gorgeous day today. It was very cold in North Carolina, I woke up to 37 degrees and frozen car windows. I think that means it's time to start parking in the garage very soon.



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