Monday, March 31, 2014

March Recapitulation

It has been a busy month over here at life, scrapbook, repeat. I have shared 10 posts this month; scrapbook layouts, cards, Project Life pages, a Crafty Organization Thursdays post, and some other fun things. I appreciate you being here and sharing all of this with me.

For those of you that have read this blog for awhile, you know that I love a bullet point list, and so of course, I am back with another one hi-lighting all of the March happenings.

March happenings at life, scrapbook, repeat
Another breakdown of life, scrapbook, repeat content for March (because why not?)
  • 1 giveaway winner announced
  • 7 Layouts completed
  • 2 cards completed 
  • 2 Project Life spreads completed
  • 1 Project Life spread in progress
  • 1 single Pocket page spread completed
  • 1 post on storing small paper pads
  • 1 Currently post
Some other Hi-lights this month that I want to mention
  • The Oscars on March 2nd was a truly fabulous show. Ellen Degeneres was a great host and managed to crash twitter within 15 minutes of tweeting a group selfie during the show.
  • I have now managed to watch 5/ 8 of the Oscar nominated movies I wanted to see. So far I have caught; American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, The Wolf of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club and Gravity. Next up on the agenda; Her, Blue Jasmine, and August Osage County. 
  • I continued working on my curtains from last month, almost there.
  • Eric is now working at three different job sites for welding. One at the EPA and two are  at area prisons. We are thankful for all of the steady work and overtime.
  • F.U.N. has been making regular rotations around our house, both cd's. Eric and I are considering buying tickets for their Raleigh concert this September.
  • Elliot registered for High School classes for the fall. He starts school at the end of August as a (gasp) High School Freshman. How did he get that big?
  • Elliot also grew another 1-2" and is now 5' 9" and just a smudge taller than his momma  (so sad.)
  • Elliot found a new book series that he is addicted to; "Shark Wars."
  • Isabelle participated in World Thinking Day for Girl Scouts.
  • Isabelle performed in a large choir performance at a concert hall with her school choir. 
  • Isabelle (my brave girl) sang an entire song by herself in the school talent show. Her song selection; "Wagon Wheel" by Darrius Rucker.
  • Softball season has officially commenced and we couldn't be more excited!
  • I purchased some supplies to make letterpress cards and am now hooked. You will see some of that goodness next month on the blog.
  • I got together with friends twice this month to scrapbook and had a blast.
  • I drove to IKEA (three hours each way) while the kids were at school. It was an eventful trip and I purchased an entertainment center and a few other goodies.

  • I painted the family room and Eric constructed and built-in an entertainment center.

  • Mr. Selfridge and Call the Midwives started their new seasons on BBC America.
  • Our pets are all doing well, and I am now getting regular visits by Chipping Sparrows at the bird feeder. I am loving the abundance of bird species with spring.
  • Spring has arrived in Rolesville, North Carolina. Lots of 80+ degree days in the forecast for this week, time to get the shorts out!

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