Thursday, March 20, 2014

March, currently

Sipping coffee and breathing in the awesome aroma.
Planning out our week.
Listening to birds happily chirping outside.
Realizing that today is the first day of spring.
Anticipating the start of softball season with glee.
Looking at our new entertainment center.
Gearing up to fill it with books today.
Wishing the doors would hang themselves.
Painting our family room a soft grayish-neutral color.
Finishing up the last of the curtains downstairs.
Discovering that I still need to hem all of them.
Playing with letterpress and having way too much fun.
Wishing that it was more affordable to purchase more plates.
Thinking about future endeavors later this year.
Listing possibilities, ideas, sketches, and listing some more.
Narrowing it down is the hardest part.
Wanting to do everything.
Realizing that is not practical.
Believing that anything is possible.
Appreciating my husband's constant support.
Hugging the kids longer each day.
Wishing they would quit growing so much.
Discovering that the teenager is now taller than me.
Remembering a time when they were both so little
Flipping through old photographs and layouts of them as babies.
Thanking God for these wonderful kids.
Sleeping well and even with the windows open sometimes.
Eating oatmeal and fruit and lots of salads.
Drinking water like it's going out of style.
Walking and reaching 10,000 steps most days.
Loving that the Fitbit is very encouraging to me.
Creating and having a blast
Planning summer vacations and day trips for spring break.
Smiling often and thankful, so very thankful everyday.



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