Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Project Life 2013: Weeks 10-11, March 4th- March 17th

Sunday and Monday I spent a few hours catching up on some older Project Life weeks that I skipped over. I decided to combine these weeks since the majority of my photos were from week eleven, with very few from week ten. I find that combining weeks is a great strategy when there is not much documentation, or if you are trying to catch up, or get a couple of weeks done quickly. Now onto the pictures.
Full Layout:

Left Side:

Left Side Close-Up:

Right Side:

Right Side Close-Up:

Supplies Used:

What are some of your strategies for catching-up or keeping up with Project Life? What have you implemented into your Project Life routine that has worked? What has not worked? Let's talk Project Life. How are you doing? Let's chat.

Until next time, Happy Scrappin'




  1. Love all the OA stuff! I have so much of it, but just hoard it :) So sunny and pretty!

    My PL is easier to keep up with because I do 2 weeks per 2-page layout. So I have enough time to "feel like" getting it done, without getting too far behind. It's perfect for me - doing it weekly was super hectic for me last year.

    Also, I can fit the entire thing into one album this way and still have room for some inserts with our professional photo shoot pictures, kid artwork, etc.

  2. lovely spreads! Thanks for the tip on combining weeks; I will be started Project Life in June and will keep this in mind for weeks that are "slow" :)

  3. Your PL pages turned out so well, glad you can keep this up.

  4. Not doing PL. But your pages are great!

  5. Love this spread. Those OA papers are great - this is one of the few lines of theirs I didn't buy and now I have some regrets. I am almost up to date with mine. I have decided to just go with the flow and accept that mine is not going to be the prettiest PL in the world but that it will tell our stories which is the most important aspect to me.

  6. LOVE this spread. I do the same, last year i got behind so i just combined the weeks and did monthly spreads instead and it so helped me get caught up. This year i have stayed caught up but 2 of the weeks i did very little so i did one page spreads instead.

  7. All the October Afternoon bits and pieces look great!

  8. Fabulous pages!! Love all the photos!

  9. Great PL pages :) I may want to do this next year but on a monthly basis! LOL!!

  10. I love this Toni!!! and I love the OA collection you used! because I failed miserably last year, I decided this year to give myself permission and do my own thing. I do not have to document every day....I keep my 2 pgs for the 1 week, and sometimes, It may only document 2 or 3 days out of the week..I also gave myself permission to do my own style, and not try and copy Ali or Becky....once I did that, I found my groove!

  11. Very nice! It looks like you had a lot of fun those weeks!