Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy National/ International Scrapbooking Day and Project Life 2013: Week 16, April 15-21

Happy National Scrapbooking Day! Happy International Scrapbooking Day to all of you international peeps out there! This is the time of year that we celebrate our hobby with all kinds of fun giveaways, contests, and just so much excitement. Many online communities are having all kinds of sales and fun things going on all weekend. It seems that there is something for everyone this weekend. I am so happy, I could just burst at the seams. A day to celebrate scrapbooking, I mean really, what is better than that?

I will be drawing a winner tomorrow morning for the Jenni Bowlin Days of the week stamp set that I mentioned earlier in the week. All you have to do to be eligible is:

  1. Follow my blog, let me know you are following it
  2. Leave a comment
For every comment a blog follower leaves this entire week you are entered into the drawing one time. More comments equals more entries. Good luck everyone! I will draw a randomly selected winner on Sunday and post the results on Monday.

Now onto Project Life. Have any of you got behind this year? Don't be discouraged, it is possible to catch up. I have gotten behind, really behind, and at one point I was 9 (yup 9 weeks behind.) As of right now I am up to date with 6 missing weeks (weeks 8-13.) My plan is to complete two weeks every week (blog about the current week every Tuesday and later in the week blog about one of my caught up weeks.) At this rate I should be caught up in 6 weeks. Here's hoping anyways. Time for the pictures, bring on week 16 and yes I am still loving Project Life.

Full Layout:

Left Side:

Left Side Close-Up:

Right Side:

Right Side Close-Up:

How are y'all celebrating National/ International Scrapbooking Day? Will you be scrapping the day away like me? I plan to participate in some online challenges and contests and post a lot to instagram. You can follow me via instagram at fromtastic.  Are any of you participating in anything scrapbook related today? What about going to crops at friend's houses or your local scrapbook store? What about Project Life, am I the only one with missing weeks? Gosh, I sure hope not. 

Thank you for stopping by and until next time Happy Scrappin'




  1. I admire you for doing Project Life. Think that would be too overwhelming for me! I'm enjoying following your blog. Do I need to do anything else to let you know I'm following it for the giveaway?

  2. p.s. to my previous comment. You'll get addicted with watching the birds! You'll be able to identify everything at your feeder before you know it. Black oiled sunflower seeds is the best thing to feed. It attracts the song birds. Mixed seeds will attract some bully birds.

    1. Carol-thanks for the bird tip. We are now looking at building bluebird boxes.

    2. Toni, one last tip and I'll go back to minding my own business. The best bluebird website is There's some really great info there--everything from the exact dimensions for the nest boxes to how to guard from predators. Hope this is helpful.

    3. Carol-keep helping away, I asked if anyone else liked birds after all. Thanks for the great info. It is a great source.

  3. Love your project life pages. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. What a fabulous PL layout! I didn't do much other than play along with some online hops and then scrapped at home!

  5. Your PL looks great! I love how you include so much journaling! :)