Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project Life 2013, Weeks 5-6

It is time to post another Project Life layout. Life has been very weird, crazy, and just unusual lately, so it has been a few weeks since I have posted my Project Life pages. What has been going on you ask, or maybe your not asking, but either way, here's the story...

My hubby works as a welder and was laid off between jobs. We kept busy working on house projects, still a lot of little things and larger things to work on since moving to our new home last December. I was enjoying having him home, we figured he would be working again in March, and we were just beginning to establish a routine with both of us home all day, and then bam, surprise, my hubby was offered a job in South Carolina as a journeyman welder. For those of you that do not know, we live in North Carolina, so yup, he was offered a job in a different state.

When he told me this, I will be perfectly honest, I felt like a football player just knocked me over for a full blown tackle. The wind was knocked out of me. My husband had to ask me," did you hear what I said," numerous times before I could respond. My worst fear had just happened. Did he just say that? Yes, he did. For those of you that don't know our story, my family and I moved from all of our family and friends in Washington State about 20 months ago and we are beginning a new life here in beautiful Rolesville, North Carolina (about 15 miles from Raleigh.) We prayed about it and weighed pros and cons and decided that this opportunity was too good to turn down and began making plans for his move.This news came on Friday, February 15th and by early Thursday February 21st morning my husband was on the road for Sumter, North Carolina to his new job starting that very day.

Living apart is something we have done before, but it has been awhile, and it is something I had hoped we would never have to do again. My husband is in the Army Reserves and he spent 16 months away from us training and serving in Iraq from 2005-2006. I missed him so much while he was gone. I wish I could say that I handled it well, but honestly I could have probably enjoyed the moment more. I had two young children and I just felt like I was hanging in there and surviving, and not enjoying everyday like I should have. That is why I am so thankful to have Project Life now. It helps me focus on enjoying those everyday moments more and I just love it. Such a blessing this style of memory keeping has been for my family and for me.

This is definitely a transitional time for my family and I. The kids and I are adjusting and I am trying so very hard to be positive and to make the best of this, and to enjoy everyday here (even with all of my family and good friends in other states.) My hubby is liking his new job and is working crazy long hours, but we are super proud of him and this amazing opportunity for our family. We have not seen him since the 21st, but are driving the 3.5 hour trip to see him this weekend and exploring a little of South Carolina with him on his day off. Please pray for our family and for my husband's safety and morale. He really misses us and is having a hard time being away.

Now onto Project Life. I did not have many pictures of weeks 5 and 6, well not enough to really complete two layouts (one for each week.) I decided instead to just combine them into one week and I love how it turned out. I predict that I will probably combine a few more weeks this year, like last year, but largely it will be one layout per week for 2013.

Full Layout:

Right Side:

Left Side:

Left Side Close-Up:

Right Side:

 Right Side Close-Up:

Products used from the Studio Calico Darling Dear Line (fall 2012)
  • 6x6 Paper Pad
  • Van Dyke-kraft diamond paper
  • Handbook journaling cards
  • Printables from the Studio Calico website
  • Heart and arrow stickers
  • Vellum die cut shapes
  • Chipboard Shape Stickers
  • Letter Stickers
Other products used:
  • October Afternoon mini market orange letter stickers
  • Tiny attacher by Tim Holtz
  • American Crafts precision pen in .01 tip size
  • Whiskars graphics lined paper bag
  • Studio Calico Project Life labels (with brown outline)
  • Manilla shipping tag
  • White lined shipping tag (Bananafish Studios)

I have linked all of my Project Life pages to The Mom Creative, a fabulous blog with tons of Project Life inspiration each and every Tuesday. I hope all of you are having a great February. This month has just flown by and it is almost March. I am so excited for warm weather and have already begun some spring cleaning and decorating. Anyone else getting ready for spring? Anyone else excited to plant some spring flowers and work in their yard?

Happy Tuesday!



The Mom Creative


  1. I'm sorry things are a bit tough right now, but keep on plugging away on PL, he'll love to see it when he gets back.

    1. Thank you Laura, I appreciate your kind words.

  2. Gorgeous pages. I'm sorry that you and your husband are unable to live together due to his work. Laura is right though. Your Project Life album will be wonderful for him to look through when you get to see each other!!

    1. Cerise, thank you so much for your comment. Project Life is such a blessing!