Thursday, September 4, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 34

Happy Thursday fellow crafters! I am back with another Project Life post this week and I even have a little surprise for you at the end. 

Earlier this week, I went over my process for Getting Caught Up in Project Life. Today, I want to share with you another layout I managed to catch up on this past week.

I even have something a little extra for you today...way back last December I made a You Tube video and had every intention of shooting more videos. That just did not happen. I had the wrong kind of tripod and it just was a huge pain every time I tried to shoot a video. I only managed to have one turn out.

Fast forward to today. I took back my awkward tripod and bought a new tripod that allows me to film with much more ease. So thankful for that blessing. If you guessed correctly, I have a Process video of this week of Project to share with all of you today. You can find that video up on my You Tube channel HERE.  I hope you like my video,  and please make sure to subscribe, I plan on making at least 2 videos every month, and I would love for you to follow me there.

Happy Scrappin'




  1. Love the brightness of your spread! I subscribed to your channel, can't wait to get home and watch!!

  2. Thanks so much TL, what a great compliment. You are such a sweetie :-)

  3. Fabulous video! Can't wait for more!

  4. Your video turned out awesome! I think you've got some serious video-making skills. Definitely keep going.

    1. What a great compliment Jax, thank you so much!